The Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center (EMAC) is a research institute that studies the effects of biotechnology on agriculture, food production and value chains across the globe. EMAC provides rigorous, data-based analysis of economic, management and policy issues affecting decision-making in agricultural biotechnology.

EMAC has active research programs on Consumer Behavior, Impact AssessmentIndustry OrganizationInternational Trade, Media AnalysisRegulationScience and Technology Policy and Supply Chain Management, as they relate to agricultural biotechnology.

EMAC’s research is funded by the Department of Agricultural Economics, the College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources and through competitive grants.

Recent Publications

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• Zahringer, K,.  C. Kolympiris and N. Kalaitzandonakes “Time to Patent at the USPTO: The case of emerging entrepreneurial firmsJ of Technology Transfer, forthcoming

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