Recent Publications:

  • Zahringer, K,.  C. Kolympiris and N. Kalaitzandonakes “Time to Patent at the USPTO: The case of emerging entrepreneurial firmsJ of Technology Transfer, forthcoming

  • Zahringer, K., C. Kolympiris and N. Kalaitzandonakes, “Academic Knowledge Quality Differentials and the Quality of Firm Innovation” Industrial and Corporate Change, forthcoming
  • Kalaitzandonakes, N., K. Zahringer and J. Kruse, “The Economic Impacts of Regulatory Delays on Trade and Innovation” Journal of World Trade, 49 (6): 1011–1046, 2015
  • Kalaitzandonakes, N. J. Kaufman, S. Yea and K. Zahringer “Potential Economic Impacts of Asynchronous Approvals of Biotech Crops on South Korea” in The Coexistence of Genetically Modified, Organic and Conventional Foods: Government Policies and Market Practices, Kalaitzandonakes, N., P. Philips, S. Smyth and J. Wesseler (eds.)Springer, New York, 2016.